Census Statistics
NOTIS’s Transport Models make use of data obtained from the most up-to-date 2011 Census statistics.

The data is reliable and can easily be verified with that obtained from the Office for National Statistics website.
Intelligent Transport Models
NOTIS's Intelligent Transport Models combine traditional method of analysis with our cloud processor, taking into account traffic conditions and providing the best modelling results.

Various routing and assessment options are available to allow results to be measured against different baseline conditions.
Easy to use interface
NOTIS deploys artificial intelligence software which allows the accurate determination of information to be used.

The user friendly interface makes the selection process extremely easy. Study area can easily be created on a map, with no GIS experience required.
Instant Result Reporting
NOTIS's information is generated automatically – allowing just enough time for your coffee!

The Census information and modelling results can be presented in different formats. A summary of results is also provided for easy referencing.

Standard Traffic Distribution Method

Browse the Census website
Choose zone, catchment and dataset (say, 15 minutes)
Download data and prepare a spreadsheet
For each zone, run data and record information on the spreadsheet (say, 1 minutes per zone x 200 zones = 200 minutes)
Analyse data to create information (say, 30 minutes)
Total time : approx. 245 minutes (> 4 hours)


Log in to the NOTIS website
Choose site location, catchment, dataset and assessment options. Let the program do the analysis. (say, 300 zones to get more refined results)
Download Information in various output formats
Total time : approx. 15 minutes plus time for a coffee while waiting for the results!

Also, NOTIS -

Produces more refined results than traditional methods.
Allows easy referencing and expansion of catchment areas.
Presents information in different formats.
Allows different zone centroid and routing options.
Provides graphical information for more detailed analysis.
User Support

Our User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on getting started with NOTIS. The technical notes and other supporting documentation include additional information about NOTIS. Our user support group provides personalised support via both phone and emails.

Data Security

We take the security and protection of your data and personal information very seriously. Our data centres and security source code are consistently reviewed to ensure that your information remains secured and confidential.

We also employ efficient lockout mechanisms that block suspicious IP addresses and only allow a few incorrect logins before locking the account.

Task Management

We provide a simple but efficient task management system that allows former works to be retrieved, edited and rerun. The built-in accounting system provides a summary of usage per project, allowing a better understanding of the project expenditure.

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