Is the Free Trial really free?
Yes, simply sign up to create a 30-day trial account. You can use the free credits in the account for any of your projects, just like the full account under the subscription plan.
What kind of developments are supported?
The system supports residential and employment developments. Details of the assessment methodology are described in the system's Good Practice Guide.
Are the results accurate?
The results are accurately presented, based on 2011 Census Statistics. The interpretation of the results is however subject to your professional judgement.
Is the Census data reliable?
Yes, all the 2011 Census data is consistent with that obtained from Office for National Statistics and kept up-to-date.
What are the output formats?
The system generates output file formats that are supported in MS Excel and Google Earth.
Would it be feasible to modify the model after the run?
Yes, it is possible to edit the study area after the run. Simply go to the Output Reports page and edit the study area. The output file will then be re-run with the revised study area.
How do I know how many credits are used for a project?
Before each run, there is a summary table showing the number of credits to be required, based on the size of the catchment area.

Most users do not require additional credits from the subscription plan. The system has been designed to allow the selection of both MSOA zones and Local Authorities, which reduce the number of credits required and run time.
Do you use my information for other business purposes?
No, all your information is treated as confidential and we do not sell, distribute or lease any of your information to third parties. For further information, please see our privacy policy and cookie policy.

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